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Dating apps are extremely broken

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We are a ninja team, with experiences from Google, HSBC, J&J, Vodafone and WPP, thirsty for a big important challenge to tackle which would spread good around the world!

We looked for big broken parts of Financial Services, Healthcare, and Travel before being dismayed by the state of dating apps.

Finding your partner is the single most crucial decision in your life with a trickling impact on everything: your health, finances, and happiness.

In the UK and the US, more than 40% of couples meet online.  Current apps don’t have their users’ best interest in mind, manipulating and commoditising their users generating an awful amount of pain.
When dating apps pretend to promote genuine relationships and caring, it is a marketing facade with no reason to believe.
They are enabling you to fill in forms, swipe, message and chat.  You can pretend you are 6” tall, own a Lambo and a puppy when you are living in your parent’s basement, and you are out of work spending your days on Netflix.

This is still true if you message first (Bumble) or put this in your marketing (yes, Hinge & Badoo).  We don’t need to talk about you, Tinder or Grindr.  At least they are straightforward about what they stand for.

We put our digital skills at work to rethink dating apps from scratch.  How can we build an app that brings out the best in everyone?  How can we create an app where conversations have to be genuine, users feel safe, and messages numbers are under control and answered?

We have been working on this for over a year, and we think we have cracked it!
DearReal is in its final development steps, and we can’t wait to tell the world about it.

While DearReal works out of the box free for everyone, we will be offering some premium perks to our early birds.  If you want to be the first in the know, please drop us your email in the form below and share it with your friends; we can’t wait to get going.

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