Prince and princesses do exist

Sorry Tinder, finding a partner is way more rewarding than you think!

Life is confusing. We would like to share some adult experiences with our version 1.0 (10 or 20 years younger!). DearReal believes finding a partner is one of the most impactful steps in life. So guess where we’re going to focus on?

Physical attractiveness

With sexually charged images all over potato chips, car and sunglasses advertisements, ignoring sexual attraction is futile. It is deeply rooted in our instincts. The fact that “sex sells” has contributed to the survival and success of humankind. Intimacy is a foundation of our primary needs. It is often the first trigger that will make us notice and go to each other.

This attraction is certainly not a bad thing but an instinct that can be managed and released as best as possible to be (super) happy.

We all see many beautiful people around us, so why limit ourselves to a partner? Well… to stay on the subject, you can progress in intimacy and vulnerability more confidently with the same partner. Above all, you must be more ambitious for your relationships as a couple and in life. Users using dating apps to culminate conquests are losing sight of what being in a relationship offers.

Have ambition

Once you have found a complementary person ready to invest in your relationship, you have more than a best friend. You have a person with whom you can have a common project and work together towards this shared project. Life is a journey, not a destination; you are undeniably stronger, more serene, and more lucid.

From personal experience, my grades in college were much better when I was in a relationship. I don’t pay as much attention to my meals and sleep when my half is not around! Without their logistical and moral support, it would have been impossible for me to start DearReal.

You can choose someone who looks like you or someone who complements you. Your couple will open up many horizons for you thanks to your partner’s talents, experience, family and friends.

Being in a relationship guarantees you someone you can trust to deal together with all of life’s issues. Finding someone complementary will help you with many things (future blog post).

Studies agree that people in couples live happier and longer lives.

You are not a commodity!

Most dating apps, like Tinder, play on physical needs and offer a simplified solution. Millions of random profiles are displayed as if in a supermarket. They encourage repeated use as if finding a partner was as easy as grabbing a hamburger at McDonald’s. These apps lower the tolerance threshold beyond which you want to end the consideration and efforts opting for the short-term solution of the next swipe.

Pursuing endless physical relationships and partners will ruin any love for you or others. It is a sure way to destroy your confidence, esteem and someone else’s. Going through this grinder will make you feel more alone than ever. You are not a car or a bag of chips ✊!

We are DearReal

We are no Saints, but we prefer slow food to fast food. It might take a little longer to get referrals on DearReal. But this match will be infinitely more benevolent. You don’t compromise anyone’s safety. You won’t waste your time and karma on mountains of lies, and you won’t have to compromise your privacy. DearReal users won’t just judge you on an image in milliseconds or even on the accompanying text. Matchmakers who know and appreciate you beyond a short text, picture or quiz will take care of you.

You may have heard of Stanford University’s Marshmallow Experiment. They demonstrated a correlation between the future success of preschoolers and their ability to be patient and get two marshmallows instead of one. Understand the equation 🎮 and choose an ambitious, fulfilled, happy life. So much bruising avoided 💘.

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