Couples should be on dating apps!

There are no good reasons for your average dating app. Still, there are great reasons to be on DearReal while in a relationship!

Why would you join a dating app while in a relationship?

DearReal is not your regular dating app. To ensure safety, truthfulness and privacy on DearReal, messaging is only possible when users have been vouched by two friends or matchmaked by a mutual friend.

We also enable users to check their friends’ single friends (visibility settings permitting).

Finally, we look at each user’s social graph to determine how many common users they have at different levels.

It would be unfair to limit vouching and matchmaking to single people only. It would be unfair not to consider couples’ networks. Taking care of your friends is not a privileged limited to single people ✊.

Some users have most of their friends married or in relationships. They, too, deserve safe, truthful and private dating ✊.

The Matchmaker-only profile

DearReal’s Matchmaker-only profile enables people in a relationship to join a dating app while not passing for weirdos, quite the contrary 😇.

This in-a-relationship profile and app version feature a cool blue instead of the usual coral colour so no one can be mistaken. 

There is no way to matchmake or vouch for a Matchmaker-only profile; only their existing contacts can message Matchmaker-only users.

Be a bridge between your single friends

This passive approach is a super service you offer to your single friends. Matchmakers share their network of single users from their profiles.
Users can see their friends, review any possible vouch and ask to be introduced. 

We always recommend singles send direct messages to those they think would be their best matchmakers. 

  • First, it is a true testament to confidence and trust. We love compliments 🤩! Letting a friend know we are comfortable with their advice and judgment and letting them know a bit more about our search will unlock opportunities.
  • Secondly, not all users’ friends will be visible to you as they might prefer more restrictive visibility settings. In this scenario, a matchmaker can still introduce both of you. 
  • Thirdly, this matchmaker might have friends that are not on DearReal yet, but that may be a great match to consider. Matchmakers can introduce you to the app and send an invitation to this precious person.


Friends know your reliability and good taste. You can share this credit with your single friends so they can stand out of the crowd and benefit from the trust people have in you.

Showing off in the dating scene is not for everyone. If you meet someone who tells you they are super successful, humble and good-looking, you might cringe and walk away. This shines differently if you know someone who tells you this about a friend. DearReal wants to break the standardisation of users on dating apps, so check your friends and vouch for them  / let us know why you are friends and what makes them unique.

With two vouches from friends, users can message each other. So vouching for a friend is likely to unlock messaging opportunities. 

Introduce / matchmake

We have spoken to many interesting people asking them for feedback on DearReal. We ask them how they meet their partner and their views on matchmaking.

Before 2013 most couples used to meet through friends. Naturally, most people we have spoken to have already two people in mind who would get along. But they have not gotten to setting them up because of the logistical difficulties. DearReal takes this friction away and will suggest new matches for you!

What is the best gift one could ever give?

The Taj Mahal, estimated at $827 million and given by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan to his wife Mumtaz Mahal, is the most significant gift on record.

We think you can beat Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan! As a matchmaker, you are helping your friends with the most significant linchpin of their lives. Helping them find their partner is way more consequential than any material gift. Be lavish; download the app today!

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