Vouching for friends – The safest way to explore dating apps

Everyone knows that finding love or getting married can be tricky, but what if you could find them with the help of your friends involved? That’s precisely what vouches and matches from friends allow you to do. With the DearReal dating app – aka “the vouch app”, you can explore with relevance, truthfulness, and safety. Vouching is even easier than matchmaking!

What is a Vouch?

In short, a vouch is an endorsement of someone by one of their friends. It’s a way for people to validate each other to ensure that the person they consider is trustworthy and has good intentions.

The Benefits “the vouch app”

Highlighting your great single friends

When vouching for your friend, he isn’t the only one you are helping out. All your other friends might also consider the vouched friend a potential partner. So you are helping this friend and all compatible single friends in your social circle on the app.

Open up opportunities for genuine and safe conversations

On DearReal, users can unlock conversations when they share two vouches from common friends. This helps create a low-friction connection between two potential partners.

Showing your altruistic wit in front of a lot of singles

It also shows that you’re generous and thoughtful enough to spread goodwill. When using the app, matches are only visible to three people – the users you matched and yourself. It is pretty different with vouchers – they are seen by the user you are vouching for, and anyone who visits your friend’s profile page who can see you on the app too. This means that when someone notices your good intentions towards others (by seeing who and how you vouched), they’ll keep this in mind when deciding who to date!

How to vouch?

Pick friends to vouch for?

Be selective but generous with your recommendations. It’s not just about selecting the most attractive or accomplished of your friends. It would be best if you used your vouch on the app to feature something not evident on one’s profile. For instance, if you have a friend who is passionate about travel, you might want to vouch for them in hopes that they find someone who enjoys exploring different cultures and countries as much as they do. It is much easier for them to show off indirectly through a friend’s vouch 😉 than looking too confident with boasting.

When thinking of someone to vouch for, think about who would make an ideal match for them. Is this someone who is similarly career-oriented? Or perhaps someone who likes books or movies? Keep your vouch light and fun.

Bring those barriers down! In your vouch, you can encourage people to ask you for an introduction to your friend right on the app! And lastly, always keep in mind that genuine intentions and kindness matter more than anything else here – so be sure to emphasize the qualities that will allow two people to bond over shared values and interests.

find a date through your network's vouches

How to ask for a vouch

Asking a friend to vouch for us on the DearReal dating app isn’t intimidating! The key is to inspire vouchers to offer an honest yet flattering portrayal of yourself.

Start by finding qualities you would like your friend to highlight in their vouch. For example, if you are passionate about cooking, you may want them to mention this as a strength. You might also ask them to confirm particular characteristics, such as your integrity and sense of adventure, which can be expressed through fun stories or anecdotes.

In addition, ensure that your request is framed in a way that encourages your vouchers to share their positive opinion about you. Instead of “Can you vouch for me?”, try “I appreciate your friendship, and you have great friends; I would love it if you could offer a few kind words on my behalf”. Making sure they know how much their endorsement means to you will encourage them to provide more thoughtful answers.

By doing so, not only will they be more likely to give an honest portrayal of who you are as a person, but it will also show potential partners on DearReal that you are confident enough in yourself and in your friendship to let someone else speak positively about who you are.

How to write a vouch for someone who has issues

When vouching for a friend with issues, draw attention to their strengths and weaknesses. Start by emphasizing the qualities that make them attractive—intelligence, creativity, humor and generosity—and how these can help them balance any issues. You must be honest about how these can create difficulties in any relationship.

You can illustrate how they’ve managed to navigate difficult situations successfully or discuss accomplishments they’ve made despite their issues. It also helps if you display your sincerity and concern for your friend—this will naturally lead the other party to do the same!

Don’t forget to add funny anecdotes about your friend’s quirks – this showcases their sense of humour and shows their lightheartedness. Be sure to emphasize why you believe this is worth investing time into—not only do you trust them ultimately, but you also know they have everything it takes for something lasting. After all, when it comes down to it, true love will always have its own set of challenges, no matter what!

Who not to vouch for

Certain people don’t make the cut.

If your friend displays possessive or clingy behaviour towards potential romantic partners—or worse yet—if they’ve been known to harass former flames online—these qualities will certainly not make them desirable prospects either! Pay attention to any signs of exaggeration or drama-seeking antics (especially when talking about themselves) as these could become distracting and potentially damaging.

Finally, look out for any signs of disrespect from your friend toward other potential partners – this is often a surefire sign that they won’t make fun match material. Remember that if you’re vouching for someone else on our dating app, both parties should come off with their integrity and reputations intact; otherwise, it’s best to keep your endorsement quiet!

Worry free communications

Be upfront vs the reasons why you are uncomfortable with a vouch. Make sure they know you are there for them should they need someone to talk to. Show your trustworthiness by offering concrete solutions or advice on managing their problems before you can vouch for them. Not only can this lead to disappointment and pain, but it also opens you up to risk – when you vouch for someone else, in a way, you’re lending your reputation too!

Looking for light excuses not to vouch for someone?

It’s not always easy to say no; sometimes, you must get creative with your excuses!

  • the classic “I’m too busy – I can barely keep up with my love life!”
  • the ever-popular “Love? What love? I haven’t seen any around here lately!” gives off an air of innocence and naivety even if you know exactly what they mean by ‘love.’
  • Or try “I’m sorry, but I’m still waiting for my Dr. Love degree in the mail before I use the vouch app” if you want to imply that without proper credentials, you’re not fit to offer advice.
  • And sometimes it’s best to go with a straightforward answer like “I only vouch for very close friends”.

No matter what excuse you choose, make sure it reflects your true feelings while respecting your friend’s feelings. It may be difficult at first, but by using humour and wit, you can politely decline a request without appearing rude or unsupportive.

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A Dallas founded dating app, now closed, thought vouching was so important that they named their app “Vouch Dating app” which shows just how powerful this concept is!

In conclusion, vouching for a friend in the context of dating is not to be taken lightly but shared generously for everyone’s benefit. One must use their judgment and the Force wisely before lending out an endorsement. So remember: genuinely politely decline with humour and kindness if you feel someone isn’t suitable for your friend’s affection. Forget the Swipe from other dating apps; may the Vouches be in your favour!

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