Matchmaking your friends – The new old-school way to meet

Before dating apps

Before the advent of the internet, friends relied on trusted networks such as family and colleagues to introduce them to each other. This was a tried and true method for bringing two people together. Schools, churches, universities and workplaces were all popular venues for setting people up.

Parents even got involved in matchmaking back then by introducing their children to potential suitors who had been thoroughly checked out by trusted sources – giving young people more confidence when meeting someone new.

Attending social events was a great way for singles to mingle. Certain events such as weddings could be an ideal opportunity for single folks in attendance – a lot of thought would go to guests’ table placements, hoping these arrangements might lead to something!

Academic institutions also provide a safe environment for young people to find love, get to know each other and share common interests. Meanwhile, many workplace romances began during coffee breaks or after-work drinks when co-workers had a chance to socialize with one another.

This was done much more privately than what we are used to nowadays.

The benefits of Matchmaking

Matchmaking through friends enables dating in a safe, truthful, confidential and relevant way.

Why is matchmaking safer?

Matchmaking through friends or family provides a degree of trust and security that online dating or dating apps cannot provide. With matchmaking, both parties are familiar with the people they are meeting, and their trustworthiness can be verified through someone they know. Unlike online dating and apps, where anyone can pretend to be anyone else on the internet, match

How does matchmaking prevent people from lying?

57% of dating app users acknowledge lying on their profile. Matchmaking through friends prevents people from lying. By going through a friend the trustworthiness of both parties can be easily verified. This makes it difficult for someone to lie about their attributes to appear more attractive or desirable.

20% of women on dating apps lie about their age. This could easily go unnoticed, on your usual dating app. However, if a friend introduced them, then chances are that friend would know their real age and could quickly call out any lies that had been told.

40% of men grossly improve their occupation. If one were introduced by a mutual friend or family member, the introducer would be able to verify whether or not the person was working at the job they claimed they were working at; thus making it harder for someone to get away with lying.

Finally, it’s important not to forget about those who are already in relationships yet still actively use dating apps. An incredible 42% percent of individuals surveyed admitted that they were already seeing someone yet continued using these sites for additional partners or validation – something which could easily end marriages or long-term relationships if discovered by either party involved! This would be completely impossible with a mutual friend matchmaking both parties.

Why are Matchmaking and Vouching making dating more pertinent?

Avoid wasting time and karma through endless swipping

Studies have shown that the average person spends around 10-11 hours a week swiping through profiles, attempting to find someone compatible with them. This can be extremely frustrating and disheartening, especially when the people they match with turn out not to be who they said they were.

Another issue is the sheer amount of time spent searching through profiles and conversing with strangers. Studies have found that men spend up to 85 minutes per day while women spend up to 79 minutes on dating apps – far more than most people would like to admit! Furthermore, this large investment rarely pays off; most conversations fizzle out after just four messages are exchanged due primarily because the individuals discovered they weren’t compatible after all.

Investing too much time into online dating can be dangerous both mentally and emotionally for users, especially when you consider how much easier (and safer) it is for singles today compared with how it was done before the advent of the internet era with trusted networks such as family members or colleagues introducing two people together instead.

Dating apps are often full of some pretty irrelevant people who have us scratching our heads in confusion. With matchmaking through friends or family users can be sure that their date will be far more compatible and suited to their interests – no more worrying about seeing completely irrelevant people on your feed!

Get your friends and family to help get the right person faster

Furthermore, when relying on friends for matchmaking, singles tend to get more relevant and effective advice on potential matches.

For instance, family members may be more likely to suggest partners with similar religious or cultural beliefs.

Matchmaking does not have to be within religious or social boundaries. Friends may focus more on character traits and lifestyle habits such as hobbies. One of the greatest advantages of modern matchmaking is the ability to match two people based on similarities in values, interests and beliefs. For instance, friends could introduce two people interested in photography or art or those with similar political views. Similarly, someone could connect two friends with a passion for literature and reading.

Moreover, since most matchmakers operate within social networks like family, friends or colleagues, they are likely to know more intimate details about each individual that would otherwise never be revealed in traditional dating apps. This could include significant family members (such as siblings), shared history (like childhood memories), even dark secrets that need not be shared with strangers! Such information can lead to deeper connections and a greater understanding between two people without worrying about judgment from strangers online who don’t know them personally.

Beyond these more superficial connections, matchmaking can also help users find partners with similar background experiences. Suppose an individual has been through a traumatic event such as divorce or the death of a loved one. In that case, they can be matched with someone else who understands their emotional pain and can provide a supportive relationship. This connection makes it easier for single individuals to open up about their feelings and build strong relationships with empathy and understanding.

Why are matchmaking and vouching private/confidential?

Using a dating app, like Tinder, geolocates you at work and home, where everyone using the app can see your profile. You might not want everyone to know you are single. You might not want to share details about your hopes for your future partnership with all. You might be gay and would be more comfortable keeping it inside your group of close friends!

Like in the old days of matchmaking, DearReal enables you to choose who can be involved in your quest for happiness. You choose who can see your profile and who can join your trusted network -matchmake or vouch for you.

You can choose to be visible

  • only to your trusted network
  • your trusted network and their user friends you could be matchmaked to
  • everyone on the app

You can add to your trusted network -who can matchmake or vouch for you

  • Contacts you choose
  • All your contacts
  • Contacts and people who have your contacts

Very importantly, you can actively hide contacts or users from seeing you while on the app or before they even join it.

Join us to help yourself and your friends

At DearReal, we understand that you don’t want just anyone to know when you’re looking for love. That’s why our matchmaking and vouching services are private and confidential – so you can find the perfect partner without worrying about who else might be watching! With our safe network of trusted friends, family members, colleagues, and contacts all working together to help bring two people together with similar values, interests and beliefs –finding true love has never been easier or more secure! So what are you waiting for? Sign up today on DearReal and let us start your journey towards a beautiful relationship!

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