We are both members but cannot see each other on the app

DearReal offers a wide range of privacy settings so that everybody can feel at ease.

If both users choose their matchmakers individually in their contacts and are only visible to them (our most private configuration), they won’t be visible to each other. While this can limit ease of use in some situations, we will always prioritise our user’s privacy.

Head to your settings in the app! We recommend opening up your visibility and matchmaker settings to your most extensive possible comfortable range. Making yourself visible and accessible to your contacts will create the most opportunities for you as well as your friends. You still won’t get the random spam and unreliable messages found elsewhere. Two vouches from mutual friends, or an introduction from a mutual friend, will still be required to message you.

You can always invite your friends as if they were new to the app using WhatsApp or another mechanism, which will sort things out once you both accept.

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