What is “Trusted network”?

Trusted network is most helpful if you build your DearReal network from contacts you chose individually.
It still applies when you choose other settings as a VIP list of your closest friends.

From your app’s settings, you can:

  • limit your matchmakers to your Trusted network
  • extended matchmaking to your contacts while also adding Trusted network users

Adding contacts to your Trusted network tells them you are comfortable with their matchmaking skills; DearReal’s magic also notices this.

Trusted network is a two-way street, so you both will confirm the setting and be on each other’s list.  Unless you are in Matchmaker-only mode, you can match each other.

Your Trusted network stays through your DearReal experience.  If you switch to a matchmaker-only profile or change your DearReal network settings, this VIP list stays.

If you want to remove someone from your Trusted network, head to their profile and select “Trusted network” in the menu for removal options.  We don’t send notifications to removed people.

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