Premium – Reach, Privacy or both?

We hate apps that require you to pay, ours just improves an already great and functioning product.  Premium :

  • increases your confidentiality
  • extends your reach
  • offers better comfort

Free Premium is easy

We offer a one-month Free Premium to all new users Matched or Vouched by current DearReal members.

We also offer a month of Free Premium to all users whenever they invite two new users to the app.  That is just one match!

To ensure your premium stays on, check out one of our recurring plans, which will pause when you have free premium credits.

Extended reach

Extended reach will enable both your trusted network and their trusted network to match you with their friends.

Your options for matches have just gone through the roof.

First to View@2x

First to view

Feeling shy, you can further improve our precise (free) visibility settings with First-to-view. 

Don’t want to handle some of the messages coming to you? Be the first to accept or pass on introductions.

Choose your location

Are you planning a trip to London?
Would you like to see who is available for Tea?

Switch your DearReal to London and see and be seen by all the scone experts in your network.

Choose your location@2x

Get the app, save your friends from the dating jungle!

Video Call@2x

Video Chat

DearReal keeps last names private so that you can take things gradually.  Some users also like to have a little video going before a meeting, so that’s on our “à la Carte” for you.

Higher ranking

DearReal works in the background to optimise lists for matchmaking.  With Premium, the algorithm works a little bit harder, which should send more matches your way.

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emoji_u1f576 2@2x

Hide my age

Age is just a number, right?  Don’t let your age be the first thing people see.

Get the app, save your friends from the dating jungle!